I've been thinking of getting a new guitar for quite a while now, but I'm finally getting a job this summer, plus selling a whole crap load of stuff on ebay. Anyway, though I would like to get an Gibson SG, I'm really not going to have that much money.

So is the Epiphone G-400 a good choice (I play mainly modern rock, punk and some metal). Is it a good buy, should I replace the pups, or flat out avoid it? If I should avoid buying it, I'd appreciate suggestions for another guitar costing probably no more than 450 bucks Canadian. I don't mind buying second hand if it saves some money.
I really liked it, sounded really nice. Felt good, looked good. Overall a quality instrument for the price, definately.
Its a pretty good guitar all around, although epiphones usually have pretty ****ty pickups and tone pots
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They say that the G-400 SG is one of the best buys for the money. The G-400 has one of the thickest necks of the Epiphone guitars.
It seems pretty nice from the specs. Try it first-if you like the feel and tone, get it.
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those are cool, isnt it supposed to be a replica of like a gibson 67 or something?
Get the epiphone tony iommi SG G400, it has gibson iommi signature pickups that are medium/high output that don't need replacing
I have one and its great, but the frets are a bit narrow at about the 15th fret, its top heavy wich also pisses me of but it sounds great and fels great, its a good buy
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what is your current guitar...if your going from an LP style...it is a drastic change in width. thats why i dont like them..take that into consideration.
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if you play it and don't like it, try and play another one in the same shop. I played one, and it was quite nastey really, but i tried another one and liked it so much i bought it! Everyone is different. They're a bit hit and miss, if you know what i mean.
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It's overall a very nice guitar. Some people complain about the neck being heavy, but I have no problem with it. Actually it seems like the neck is heavy because the body is so much lighter thean most other guitars. But yeah i own one, and if your thinking about getting a new guitar, this would be your best buy. You get the classic gibson quality from an Epiphone.
You should get it. The only thing that mine needed were new tuners because the origional ones sucked. I have to agree with dj_brooks22 they can be a little neck heavy it doesnt bother me. The pickups are fine but you can always change them if you dont like them.
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Thanks everyone. The epi sounds pretty good, I'll probably more than likely get it. I'm not sure if any of the local music stores carry it, but I'll check and test it before buying if possible. I'm not worried about it being neck heavy, that really dosnt bother me.