I'm planning on buying my first tube amp this summer. Im getting a job and selling stuff, plus writing and performing songs for my towns summer festival, all of which will bring in about a thousand bucks. Im going to spend about 400 of that on a new guitar, which leaves 600 for the tube amp, although if nessecairy I can dig into my savings acount for any extra money.

I't can be a combo or stack, perferably combo though since I don't plan on playing any huge gigs at large clubs anytime soon, so something that be good for recording and band practice, but also being able to play small venues. I'm thinking something between 40 and 50 watts. I play mostly modern rock, punk and some metal, and I'm open to any ideas or suggestions (Except marshall MG's...yeah I've heard interesting stories on how they suck more than a prostitute working a double shift)
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get a traynor blue. its 50 watts and has a very smooth distortion, but can be very crunchy too.
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marshall dsl's are great and have great distortion you can get a 50 watt one on ebay for around 600

EDIT: in the us doller
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Thanks guys. I've been eyeing the DSL's for quite some time actually, but I'll be sure to look into the Traynor as well. Any more suggestions from anyone else?
i thought the HRD had many reliabilty problems, i hope yours isnt one of them. some amps to recommend: peavey classic, peavey valveking, a used dsl401, carvin 18W
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I would look into other amps over the DSL401 first. Randall RG50TC might be up your ally. Modernly voiced with a Randall amount of gain for your metal as well. Get's plenty loud. I HRD is another good option, better than a DSL401 IMO. Chuck a Digitech Bad Monkey over it and your screaming away.
Hey, I didn't want to start a new thread so i'll just ask here. Is a "tube" effect a similar sound to the intro of Fade to Black by Metallica?
^^^nope im pretty sure thats chorus. maybe reverb.

Tube is a type of amp that has a overall better sounding tone.
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tube effect? what the hell are you on boy! lol, no seriously now, go to the beginners forum
any all tube marshall would probably suit you good....jcm800,900,2000 (dsl, tsl)...etc.

these can all be had anywhere from 500-1000 bucks on ebay for combos...the 900 will be the cheapest of them...just make sure it has el34's.
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