Okay fellows, here's the deal. I'm tired of screwing around with my crappy gear blowfest. I'm going to upgrade my amp and effects pedal (Frontman 15g and Yamaha Magicstomp, respectively) and I have some ideas. So, I thought you mates could tell me whether or not I'm lusting for the wrong things?


Basically, I need a bigger amp with some power for small gigs. But, I don't want a bunch of effects. In fact, if the amp only had one clean channel that would be sweet. I don't want to pay for frills when I just want an amp. Would this amp fit the need:


Once again, I don't want to spend a fortune, but I want to get a bigger sound. This seems like a good deal, for a good clean channel.


I'm going to want to upgrade my effects pedal, as well, and I'm looking at some reasonably priced multi-effects pedals. I'm NOT going to half-arss this purchase, though. I want a REAL effects pedal that will keep me happy for a long time. Not some cheap P.O.S. that I'll not find useful in 2 months. I've searched and searched and read review after review, and it seems that the Boss ME-50 is a likely candidate.


I have found others that I'm considering:

Digitech GNX3 (don't like the effects as much but I like the drum tracks)

Digitech GNX3000 (would only buy if very sure I like it, it's spendy)

Toneworks AX3000G (pretty if-fy, I'm not a big fan of Toneworks)

Please, guys, help me out here. I want to make a good choice!
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don't buy Rouge anything...

for an amp, i have a Fender FM 212R... amazing clean channel for the cost (~300 USD)
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A buddy of mine has an FM212R good chioce for an AWESOME sloid state clean channel, drive channel...flimsy, sounds like total ass if you ask me but ohhh what a clean channel... throw a decent FX pedal in front of it an wham youve got a giging setup, moe than enough volume from the FM212R, and if you ask me, the GNX3000is a good idea, plus if you subscribe to guitar one, they have tone settings to match certain bands so you can have alot of cover tones of your fav bands, wont be exactly the same but good enough to gigi make some money and upgrade...
Thanks for the tip about the amp, guys.

So, is the Boss ME 50 not that good, or is it just that the GNX3000 is so much better? I've heard horrible things about Digitech's quality, is it better on that pedal?
Ok the boss me -50 is awesome, i playee one today, (my girlfriends dad is a player....hes ****in awesome...like...cliffs of dover awesome....like....i cant explain how good he is..its scary..) Anywho..he plays a Epiphone elitist LP into aBoss ME-50 and ten into a mesa Rectoverb 1X12 and he cuts through and sounda amazing...the me -50 is sweet....however, not as versitle as the GNX3000 still better tone and better overall ease of use, its got my vote and i 'HATE multi fx pedals...still i played that epi through that setup and I evn sounded Good, and he even said so....
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Okay, I think I'm going to go with the ME-50 then. I want good tone, and the M-50 is still pretty versatile, so I think I'll get that. Thanks for telling me, mate.

I was checking out that Fender you two recomended, and I stumbled across this Crate amp: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Crate-XT120R-120W-Guitar-Combo?sku=487781

My buddy has one, and I really like it. It has good sound, and for the same price as the Fender I can get some more power. Good idea, or no?
Not to burst your bubble but crate rate wattage slightly higher than most amp manufacturers so a 120 watt crate will sound the smae as a 100 watt fender, plus its a crate...crate = junk in my opinion also i have a full stack and the head is only 100 watts, more power doesnt mean better....just means more power...personally i prefer a fender, id even take a behringer over a crate...(sad i know but true)
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Musician for 14 years. Been inactive on UG since 2007. My have times changed. It's good to be back.
Amp- Get a (used) Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, that'll be clean, sound great and handle gigs.
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