this town, it's not where i want to be
these people, why can't they just see
and this life, it's getting so old
time stops, everythings on hold

And why can't you see
This isn't where I should be

time goes on, we live life the same
This town seems so ****ing lame
we hope one day
We can move away
And leave this ****ing town behind

And you still don't see
Let me leave I plea.

So lets ****ing leave this town
We'll leave it, lets burn it down
Memories burnt to to ashes
And we'll be somewhere else as time passes.

escape by brandon rabe
uhh so can anybody help me out on it, tell me if it needs changes and stuff.
i'm okay with some constructive criticism but no total bashing it.

Lets get ****ed up on a Friday Night
Drunk so bad, ------------------------------
Hardcore riots with drugs and booze
Tons of hot babes, you just can't choose

People say the scene is dead
Well they are wrong, get this in your head
scene isn't dead it's just asleep
thats temporary, not for keep

50 dollars wasted all on drugs
Livin in a van filled with cheap ass rugs
with a couple of friends all of them broke
Mom's disappointed, dad's about to choke

Well tihs is your life, taake moment and reflect
To the citizens you are as small as an insect
making money singing songs, take a reality check
The scene has awakened, the bird's bloodied neck

party scene- brandon rabe

wrote this along time ago.
not too good, but once again, give me some advice on it.

heres one last one

do what you want, do what you can
Dress how you want, cuss out the "man"
Is this all just a desert without the sand
This must be a lie, do you understand
PUNK kids unite, under the nations nose
Punk kids unite, they think no threat we pose

untitled- brandon rabe.
help me out on this too