alright so i am trying to increase my picking speed so i can play the mop solo (mop is master of puppets for those of u who i now hate..) anyway i am currently at 9.3 nps and i was curious how taht compared to other peoples attepmts at speeding solos up i;ve been trying to increase my speed for 2 months now and i started withy chromatic scales at 6 nps now at 9.3...jw what other ppl were at after 2 months of trying to increase speed

sry if taht was confusing lol.

also curious how long u've been practicing speeding up and ur currenyt fastest nps..

also to ppl who say "who cares about speed and why are u making this a competition" i am trying to see how well i am doing in the timeframe that i have been speed building compared to other ppl to see if i am doing it correctly...wow taht confused me even lol

^Bpm of the metronome you're playing to times the note division (16th=4, etc) / 60.

And threadstarter... Don't compare yourself to others. Seriously, don't. It only leads to bad things.

Just make sure you're clean, and having fun.
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