does anyone know of these? i know they make good bass amps, how about guitar? i can get one cheap too. it would be my first stack so i dont need anything great. and if the dist. isnt great i have pedals for that.
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Ive played them, theyre pretty good on distortion but the clean sucks
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i dont know... but the price tag is both attractive and doubtful...

their stacks are all hybrid... they must give good distortion...
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I have the Combo model. I like it. I love the clean it has. I like their overdrive on smaller amounts but it sounds good on higher amounts too. When I heard the price I was extremely surprised. Some effects pedals and overdrive pedals will really make this amp sound great! I sometimes play in sterio with my Hartke and my Hughes and Kettner and even though the Hughes and Kettner is a nice quality solid state, the Hartke sounds like a real tube amp. I was debating whether to buy a Peavey Classic 30 or a Fender Blues Jr, but when I tried both, they didnt sound too much better than the Hartke. I say to try it out.