i want to purchase a recording unit (like the zoom MRS-4) and my band wants to record the whole album on it rather than go to a studio...we have an engineer and producer so all we are looking for is which one to buy
we want a really good quality one.....what do you suggest??
get like a tascam or boss, i think they all get the job done, just try to get a digital so you can go straight to a cd, and make sure you have enough tracks to fit you band... good luck though all the way.
You'll need seperate guitar mics, at least 5 drum mics, a bass mic, and vocal mics at least. That means you'll probably need a submixer, to allow you to record simultaneously to the mixer...

The Zoom MRS4 is way to small to record a full album. You're looking at 600 dollars AT LEAST to get anything decent. I've pieced together a studio, this is what it consists of:

Presonus Firebox(interface)---300$
2 CAD tom mics---50$
CAD snare mic---25$
CAD bass drum mic---25$
MXL 991 (drum overhead)---50$
MXL 990 (vocals/acoustic guitar/piano/whatever)---50$
Shure SM57(electric guitars/piano/bongos/whatever)---90$
Behringer submixer for the drums---80$
Apple Powerbook---1500$

I think thats about it...
And its alot of work to set up/record...

TBH its more logical to go to a studio for most people.
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