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Or is it more like that's ok or even good?

Probably referring to guitars that cost less than $1000
i get pissed off!!!!!! big time

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Doesn't worry me in the slightest, I only worry if something happens that will affect the sound. the odd nick, scratch or chip is no cause for concern as far as i'm concerned.
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A guitar that hasn't been scratched is a guitar that hasn't been loved!

haha so true, but i personally dont find getting a scratch or a nick on my guitar too frustrating, i'll probably just look at it and be like.....dang. then keep playing.
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check out Steve Vai's site about Evo, ( then go to "the machines") it's been posted here before but it's a good example of a much loved guitar.
It all depends on how I scratched it. If i scratch it stumbling around in a drunken stuper, I get pissed off. If im rocking out and scratch I can get over it rather quick like.
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Wellll, it depends how big that nick or scratch is. I like to take care of my guitar, but I'm occasionally clumsy and ram it into a wall or the tv when I'm walkin round the house with while playing. I only noticed yesterday that theres dents in random places and big scratches and a few chips out of the wood...and a big chip out of the wood near the neck when my strap came off when i was just letting it hang...piece of **** pegs, now i got strap locks so the bastard doesn't fall off. And I'm babbling now, SEEYA!
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Mines solid I don't get scratches. My acoustic is beyond repair so I don't care.
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Meh, it gives it character

That's correct.
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I have my grandfather's '57 Les Paul and there's no finish left on it to get nicked/scratched. The whole guitar is basically down to the raw wood, and it's pretty tough. But.....

a few years a go, i bought a new LP. The day i brought it hope, i open the case, lift it out by the neck, and BANG! right side of the head off the latch on the case, leaving a gouge in the finish. I was depressed for 5 days and didn't touch a guitar the whole time.
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it's true
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I have my grandfather's '57 Les Paul

Really? That'd be worth a feckin' fortune, lucky.

I'm not really bother if I scratch my guitar, it gives it more character, and I love the look of slightly beat Strats.
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The first time I chipped my guitar I was almost in tears. After the first time is really doesn't bother me anymore.
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nachocheeez, that was awesome.
the first time i scratched it was when i was using a 20p as a pick
but ive discovered other dents in other places, it dosnet bother me as all
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Meh, when I first scratched my acoustic, i only realised when there were about 50 million scratch marks. theres tiny chips of wood thats come off on that one, lol
Nah, im fine with scratches, not cos its cool, just it doesnt really matter to me, i cant escape getting REALLY into it when playing guitar
Scratches and dings are just a small part of how a guitar gets soul.
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iget pissed off and both of my guitars are worth £200, just like hem to be perfect
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A guitar that hasn't been scratched is a guitar that hasn't been loved!

I don't really mind. A lot of great guitarists basically ruined their guitars, how come I can't do mine?
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i jumped and screamed when i accidentally hit my guitar on my table...a chip...after that,i learned to be a man...
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Well, the first 6 months I had my new Tele I treated it like a king. It got a tiny (only visible if seen at the right angle) nick from my belt, and I pretty much freaked out. I swear, I got madder than when the Braves lost the World Series in '99. Well, maybe not that mad, but I still got mad.

But since then I've nicked it about 5 times and I'm cool with it now.
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Mine got a little knick on the back that I saw one day. Only had it for about a month. I don't know how it got there, thats what made me mad. Now its got lots of little dings on the back and a nice sized dent on the top.
if its just a small nick or ding i dont care, i look at it as a character mark.
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My amp sorta fell on my Artcore once. Only scratched it to the primer. But it's on the back anyways. So no, I don't care too much, they're expendable.
Not at all.
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I try not to simply b/c if I get tired of it or want something better the bastards at the music store like to take even more off its trade in value than they already do.
I try to keep my guitars in good condition, particularly the more expensive ones. However, I also realize that my guitars are players and not collector's items (although 2 of them could arguably be considered such). I take care to not do stupid shìt that will damage my guitars, and ask that anyone else who plays them takes equal care of them.

But in the end, I've also accepted the fact that a guitar will get scratched and dented thru regular use. If you're babying your instrument every time you pick it up, IMO you're not truly enjoying it.
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My Ibanez's finish is waaay to thick to scratch

My Fender's got a Natural finish, so I wouldn't notice.
Just last week I took my gold strat to school for music and the nerdiest kid in the world(i mean it, everybody hates him) picks up nickel and flicks it at it leaving a small chip down to the wood. I was so pissed off that I was about to kill the kid right in the hallway!. Well, his parents are now giving me $200 for a chip that is half the size of a dime. I might just buy me a new guitar!
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I dont really care it adds character. a dinged up guitar is a loved and played guitar
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depends, if i get one in my s-classic i dont mind, or my warlock, but something on my rg or dean or js and i flip
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i used to freak out and get really mad, but that was only the first month of owning it. now i'm ok with it as long as its not an enormous sinkhole in my guitar
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depends on the finish on the guitar, a nice finish like on my schecter, that sometimes gets me ticked, but if its like a fender plain finish it adds character and i dont mind. The highway one is soft so that it ages and scratches faster actually i believe.
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I don't care too much.
what happened to the proposed Kirk Hammett flamenco album?

His acoustic didn't sound good with wah pedal, I suppose.
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