I'm looking into buying my first amp but cant decide between a Peavey rage 158
or a Ibanez(dont know the model but both amps are 15W)

Will appreciate any advise....
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Peavey make very good amps, and while I'm an Ibanez fan (I use an RG series guitar) I would have to say Peavey!

However you know you'll get quality with both brands, so it's partly personal preference.
The 158s great for distortion but the clean chanel leaves a lot to be desrired. It vreally depends wot kind of music you're into.
About R1200 thats +-$180
Another amp I'm considering is the Laney HC15R. The Ibanez is the TB15R
Thanx for any help....
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The Rage 158 is the world's best-selling practice amp (according to something I read about a year ago). That's for a reason.

The Ibanez Toneblaster series (which is the model you're speaking of, I assume) would suit you well for a small practice amp too, although I tend to find they don't sound that great compared to other comparable amps.
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I had a Peavey Rage 158 and I was heavily disappointed. Until I got my Vox AD30VT
I understand the difference in price, however. My advice is to invest a bit more, because it WILL sound sooo much better and you will be happier.
People really love this for the price. http://www.music123.com/Boss-MicroCube-Battery-Powered-Guitar-Amplifier-i126107.music
If you're willing to spend a bit more, this is great.
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As a general rule ( I find ) is that people who make good guitars don't make good amps, and people who make good amps don't make good guitars, (Fender being the obvious exception). So, for example, an Ibanez guitar is probably better than an equivalent peavey, but a peavey amp is probably better than an equivalent Ibanez amp.
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^^^^interesting theory!! But yeahs Ibanez is pretty much crap for amps. I'm sure right now all you are looking for is an amp you can afford but you will definitely get more from a Peavey.