Hi guys I'm kinda wondering what to do here.
I'm looking to buy something new but I don't know what.
I have a crate gt212 and a laney mx , toneworks 1500g and a ibanez rga 121,gsa 370.
I have a budget of around $700 and I'm looking for something that would really help my tone along (metal by the way think,Shadows fall soiwork type)
I've been thinking of getting a pair of emg's or maybe a new amp or rack mount effects.
I'm fairly happy with my clean tone but just can't seem to nail that metal distortion.

Help would be greatly appreciated I am totally clueless.
Do you like your guitar? If yes I'd buy a new amp. Sell the one's you have now and get the extra cash. then you'll have about 900$ to buy a new ALL-TUBE amp and maybe a pedal. For metal try a used Engl.
I vote for a new amp. You may even want to save up some more money so you have more choices of what amp to buy. Take your time and try out a few different ones before you decide.
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try selling just random stuff until you have enough for a mesa dual recto.
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Yeah, I would also sell the other amps, and save a bit up and then teat a sh**load of amps.

Test every amp you can get hold and that you have heard of.

Then buy the one that you think is the best amp for the sounds you want.

Don´t listen to much on those who tells you to buy that ór that amp. Listen to those who tells you to test that or that amp.

I would go with the either the engl or maybe a Peavey.
go cowboys
Thanks guys I appreciate your thoughts and I think I'll hit the store this week and try some amps out.
Albeit mesas and engl's are out of the question as they aren't sold in South Africa (no distributor).
**** is exspensive here.
I bought my rga 121 recently for R7500 give or take ($1300 in U.S currency).

I know the laney isn't really conducive to produce hardcore metal but:
Is the gt 212 really that crap?
I think it produces a pretty nice metalishiyish tone at relatively low volumes.(solid state it being)

Wouldn't it be cheaper to by a P.A abd mic it up?
Or just play the korg directly through the P.A?
^ yes, but once you get a tube amp, you'll know why we praise them so much.
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Try everything you can try and make sure it's tube.
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This is pretty much wat I have to deal with
Also keep in mind the current excange rate $U.S=1: SA Rand =6.5
I agree with the fact that tubes sounds so much better than ss but I have to try and optimize my budget and the availibility of stuff.
Hi man. I also live in SA. I'd defenitely go for a new amp. Amp prices here are pretty high in comparison to what you pay in the US or UK as I'm sure you've seen so we're kinda screwed.

Most UK based brands such as Laney and Marshall are a bit cheaper than the US brands although you should really look at some Peavey amps. Pretty much every place in SA sells them, the XXX and 6505 can go for anything from R10000 - R14000, which will give you pretty much the kind of sound you're after.

Marshall dsl and tsl amps go for about R9000 or R10000 (if you find a good deal). They are pretty awesome, but may not be quite what you're after. Just go try whatever you can find. Ashdowns are also available over here but I'm not sure what they are going for at the moment.
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