Hey folks,

At the moment i'm learning Ocean by John Butler which is in open C tuning.

Are there any other instrumentals like this that you know of? I just want instrumental songs in open tuning - because it's really easy to improvise and sounds great.


i have been looking around on the web to find a good tab for this song for some time, but couldn´t find one. could you post the link?
(i´m sry that i can´t contribute anything to your request)

That's the tabs to his shorter piece at max sessions, which is what i'm learning. But personally I prefer this version - which I think there are no tabs to.

As I said, because it's in open tuning it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what he's playing... just experiment. He even says himself that he changes the song, which is true, because I haven't heard one version that's the same.

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Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp is played in open D.

Also a lot (most) songs played with a slide are in opened tuning
Check out Winter Solstice by The Tea Party... its an amazing instrumental. Played in open tuning obviously.
You could try Sevendust version of Hurt. Its played on acoustic and the tuning is almost like open C. Without looking I believe its CGCABD. Its a very simple song to play.
Cheers guys, keep the suggestions coming. Remember i'm really just looking for instrumentals.