Hi, I've been playing guitar for about 2 yrs, and I just wondered if anyone out there knows where i can find a notated orginal version of classical gas, on the net, or in a book. I'm keen to get started. Thankx a million.
If you want the notated version I think you have to go out and buy it... I don't know of any website that has the full notated version for download...

^ any website that had free sheet music etc. on it has been closed down...so for the noed version you would need to go buy it
i have the sheet music for it, but i can barley read it because my guitar teacher had and old version and when he copied it, some notes got blotched. its a tough piece to learn, and even tougher for me because im not really fluent in reading music. i know what notes are what but i cant zip through it. my version is straight musical notation. no tabs in this bitch.
I suggest trying to find the Mason Williams songbook. Good luck with that. If you've got the patience you could transfer it from tab. It'd help if you had some music software, like Finale.
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