Same as before.

1. Do not give us links to anything that you are interested in, i dot want people complaining they missed out on something, pretty obvious id have said but meh, best to have it in black and white.

2. Dont post run of the mill stuff, boss pedals, fender strats, you know what i mean, all great gear but its easy for people to find that kind of thing.

3. If you are after a piece of equipment, you may post here asking us to look for, but be as specific as possible.

4. No advertising your own auctions.

This last one i dont know about, do you think we should only allow one person to bid an item, so whoever spots it first says they are bidding on it, and none of the rest of us can, i dont know about that one so give me feedback on it.

so youve spotted something, link away.

For now im leaving this unstuck, just to see how popular or otherwise the thread is.

note to mods, if the threads getting full of old invalid links, can we move to archives or hard delete if possible. i know the links may not be valid anymore but their will hopefully be enough useful info to warrant a place in archives.