Is Live at Donington any good? What is the best AC/DC DVD?

Also, what about the George Harrison DVD, Concert for Bangledesh?

Which of these two would you reccomend?
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I've seen the AC/DC Live at Donnington and I own The Concert for Bangladesh.

The AC/DC one is great, but basically everything is the same on it as it would be in studio.

However, The Concert for Bangladesh has some Indian-based music at the beginning of a small group of very talented musicians lead by Ravi Shankar.

There's also a lot of guests that George brings out who include Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, and many others.

I'd definetly recommend The Concert for Bangladesh over AC/DC Live at Donnington.
Yeah I realize they are very different, but I was in Barnes and Noble the other day, and I couldn't decide which of them I wanted to buy. They both looked awesome, but I ended up getting AC/DC because it was $15, instead of $30 for Concert for Bangledesh. But I still kinda want the Concert for Bangledesh, because it comes with the making-of documentary and a lot of other stuff.

So how good is the Bangledesh DVD? Is it actually filmed in India? Tell me some more about it.
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^^It's two discs, and I've only watched the first one thus far.

Here's what it is from what I've seen...

The concert itself takes place in Madison Square Garden, and it opens up with some the Indian guys jamming out for a couple of songs, and it's absolutely amazing. They tell you some about what's going on in Bangladesh, and after that George and a bunch of other guys come out that are going to be playing with him and as the show goes on he pulls out some "special guests".

As I said, I've yet to see the second disc, but I think that might where the documentary is on. The concert itself is absolutely awesome, and it's possible that there's more on the second disc than what I've seen.