Hello, I've been playing electric guitar for two years now. I listen to alot of heavy stuff and I'm playing alot of metal aswell and I'm sure that I will continue playing for a long time. (I'm in a band aswell). My equipment looks like this:

Guitar: Ibanez Gio
Amp: Behringer AC112

Now I want to buy a new guitar and I think an ESP will suit me just fine. (I heard the esp guitars are very good for metal).

I think I want one of the EX guitars, but I'm not sure which. I have enough money to buy the EX-400, but here comes my question:

Will I (as a relative newbie) notice any difference between the quality of the ex-400 compared to the ex-260 or even the ex-50? I'm a newb when it comes to Guitars, especially pick ups.

It would be great if you guys could give me some advice, I'm looking forward to hear some good answers
OK first off the only good guitars LTD makes are the Old 300 series the 400 and 1000 series guitars. So the EX 400 is an amazing guitar. but i think you should change your amp first as it will more affect your tone

****ty guitar-->Good Amp=Decent tone

Awesome Guitar--> Crap amp=Crap tone

If you like metal i suggest you look into a Used peavey 5150 212 on ebay you can get them for about 600
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if you can afford the EX-400 definetly get it. You will notice a difference between pickups the EMG's are awesome for metal. Although I have the ESP ex-50 and it sounds amazing too and it just has the factory pickups in it yet, sounds really amazing for factory pickups. Yet, if you can afford the Ex-400 i would get that cuz it has some better features like the set neck, nicer pickups better tuners and the earvana compensated nut. I have both the ex-50 and last year i got the ESP EC-1000 Deluxe model with dual EMG 81's and its has killer tone, anyway GET AN ESP!!!!
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Ya but he needs a better amp before a better guitar
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ex400. the rest are of a crap wood. Badly set up. and the quality of the hardware is really subpar. Rule of thumbs for LTD: anything under 300 series is not worth getting.
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Thanks for your replies.

These are really bad news, when I was at the store I had a really long talk with one of the salesman and he did recommend me the Behringer for all kinds of music I can't say that I don't like this amp, I only used a rented Marshall amp before and I think this amp is really good. But what do I know, I'm still a newbian
Cycon, you heard ESP is good for Metal, than you probably haven't heard that Ibanez is made for Metal and that most Metal and Trash players play on Ibanez.
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Cycon, you heard ESP is good for Metal, than you probably haven't heard that Ibanez is made for Metal and that most Metal and Trash players play on Ibanez.

No, actually I only bought the Ibanez because I didn't want to have to rent a guitar anymore, and my guitar teacher told me that this guitar was a good deal for me.
^It is, I like Ibanez's Gio series. I own a GRX40, it's a great guitar.

Anyway, the Behringer is an alright starter amp, but really for EX400 money, you can get a really great bedroom amp.

But to answer your original question, the EX400 is MUCH better than the lower models, which are all pretty much the same.
So getting a new amp would be better for me than buying a new guitar?