iv played guitar for 8 months and decided to go to bass,what tequinices should i learn if i want to be a shred bassiest,what are some good scales and what are some good exercises to make me go faster
and anything else that you can think off
start with playing your fretboard up and down like this:


   1 2 3 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 3 2 1

and going further up the neck. The 1 underneath the tab means index, 2 means middle, 3 means ring, 4 means pinky.
Start slow, build up speed as you go...
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if you can shred decently on guitar, then the accuracy of the left hand should carry over.

next, bring up the strength of your left hand, its a big difference from guitar. if you're really struggling, lower the action (which i would do anyway, but a good idea to start with medium action so you can get used to it).

the right hand is going to be the biggest change, IF you're going fingerstyle. if you're using a pic, the only thing is the string spacing, past that its practically the same.

but if you're going fingerstyle, it'll be almost liek starting from scratch (save a bit of wrist muscles, i guess?)
yeah you can bring some of the knowledge you learned on the guitar over, the biggest difference is def the string spacing if your still using a pick, you might find that after playing the bass for a while going back and playing the guitar will be easier to move around on the fretboard