Okay, so the thing is that I have the GT-8 which has built in pre-amps and from what I understand the preamps sound horrible if they go through another amp that has its own preamp too, basically any head or combo. So what should I get since I need a head to use a cabinet, but I don't want to send my signal through a head to the speaker?
option 1: If you're using a modeler you want to use a power amp as the source it goes in to.

option 2: Plug into the FX return in the fx loop(if you have on) THis makes the GT-8 the preamp and the rest of the amp as a power amp.
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that's not necissarily right about the preamps. if you run a gt-8's preamp through another preamp(preferrably tube) it doesn't sound bad, it just colors the sound. this is what opeth does and they sound great. the four cable method imo sounds like ass, it takes your amp's good tone and makes it more digital, but a gt-8 straight thru a poweramp or into a preamp will sound awesome w/ some tweaking.