triple rect

dsl 100

mode four

used jcm 900

what would be best for mcr,a7x,marlyn manson,trivium,turbonegro,69 eyes.

i like the recto because of the solo feature (so i would think it's a benifit) but it's really pricey. the mode four seems versitile but it's solid stat. the dsl seems good i tried it and it definently has good distorsion, and the jcm seems nice but i can only find in on ebay even though marsja;; still has it. i have seen it on a european website but i don't know if they will ship it to america. can you help me figure this out? i'mleanin towards the recto or 900
MCR use the JCM 900's. Manson used a Mode Four at some point...
I personally dislike the mode four. Sounds a bit...wierd. Maybe I just didn't get along with it, but I couldn't get a good tone.
If you can afford it, the Triple Recto is amazing. It may sound a bit more scooped than the others.
The DSL 100 has already become almost legendary. I think it sounds great, and it's actually quite versatile. If you've tried it and liked it, then why not? It's a great amp.