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Mark Kerr's debut CD, "One Drink Away From The Blues" is a modern blues CD with rock, funk and jazz influences.
A very hard hitting package loaded with scorching hot guitar.
Mark's CD has been considered to be the indie find of the year, by many mags..and newspapers from New York to California.
Mark was nominated for musician of the year by "The Academy of Texas Music," for his guitar work on "One Drink Away From The Blues."

If your into Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Johnny Lang ect..
Then this CD is for you.

"One Drink Away From The Blues," is available at

Available for digital download at

Mark's website,
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I don't quite like his voice, and his guitar work doesn't seem that unique at all. I am stickin' with the Derek Trucks Band for modern blues for now. That or the Black Keys.
Both are awesome.
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^ x2

Meh, it's the same stuff that's been done over and over again. He doesn't seem that original imo, and I agree with noah about his voice. Plus I find his playing and sound to be a little boring.
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I listended to ' wishing well" ...and it sounds like backgorund music.

you know, you woulnd't really be listening to, jsut there, to fill the silence...
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