Hey, so far on my pedalboard, I got:

Dunlop Original Crybaby
Boss DS-2 Distortion
Danelenctro Octave

Chorus (builit in amp)
Delay (built in amp)
Reverb (in amp)
Flanger (in amp)

The amp is a marshall MGDFX50. I have an American Strat and an Epiphone LP standard.

Do i need this pedal? Is it worth it?

I play Rock, Blues, and a little Jazz.
top axes:
Taylor GS8
Fender American Strat (w/DiMarzio pickups)
Epiphone Les Paul
pedal effects are always better than built in amp effects, its pretty much a rule of thumb because its *almost* always true.

and youre talking about the best known, widely used phaser versus the most infamously defamed amp ever.