Well this is my first real song even though it is unfinshed and I dont really know what to do with it, any crit and ideas welcome

I didn't like it all. It seemed to me like a bunch of random riffs with nothing really tying them together.
Yeah, I thought that the riffs dont fit that well but I like most of them though and if anyone wishes to work on it that would be kewl
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Alright, well I'll crit while I'm listening to this one. It starts off really good, but my first instinct is that this could be a really good song if it wasn't instrumental. The riff at the beginning, and some of the metal riffs would be really good behind a nice melody line, or in the case of the metal parts, even screaming vocals. The way that it switches from soft guitar parts to the metal really works well, and doesn't seem awkward at all. If I were to pick a favourite part of this song, it would have to be the first part, but again, I'd love to hear vocals behind those chords. See if you can't get a real recording of this up, and keep up the good work!
I like it, I loved the lead at the begining when it came in. I think this piece is good especially for a first tab but Im just gonna add some bass cause thats what I do.
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I thought that was excellent! A few akward parts, but i loved the flow and feel.
Thankyou for the nice comments and yeah I feel it would be better as a song now, it would be really great if you could add the bass for me =] Hmm how would I go about doing a melody line because im not really familiar with that
I thought most of the riffs were cool, but didn't flow to well. i'm gonna have a go at changing this up to try and make it fit better.
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After the beggining it got a bit weak. In the beggining, once the distorted lead comes in measure 6, I would hold that G longer (the one where you play it only for a quarter note and its vibrato'd.), or make that bend after it start longer. It felt to abrupt.
The only things that caught my eye were the introduction and the metal solo around bars 40-48. The majority of it just didn't flow. The song was just jumping from place to place, like I could be listening to Sir Mixalot one second, and then Iron Maiden the next...

Anyhoo, if you could check my latest out I'd be most appreciative.
Thanx =] Yeah the songs too jumpy and so im getting help getting it fixed hopefully, I'll check out yours now