I will be getting a new guitar within the next few days, an RG321, and I believe it comes with 9's. I mostly play metal and detune my guitar so I wanted to get thicker strings. Would I have to change stuff on my guitar to have be able to use thicker strings?
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If they're insanely thick, maybe the nut, but I doubt it. You'd have to adjust intonation and such.
Depends, if you are going to 10, there is not much to change, if 11s like i did from 9s, not much if you are going to drop by like a whole step.

Otherwise you would have to set intonation, truss rod, bridge, perhaps the nuts if you are insane.
i think even upgrading to 11's wouldnt change anything i know before i bought my schecter classic i had read someone had problems with his e string (low) popping out of the bridge but it was just a simple case of filing it a little bit deeper ( i had the same problem) I know a band we play with actually uses low gauge bass strings, in which he had to change everything but if you just keep it in the.09 to .11 range itll work fine