i just ordered one, for £289 which was 4 quid over my budget but i managed to gather the extra funds.

Anyway, did i do good? what do you all think of the amp?
Did you play it before hand.
They're ok amps, not the greatest though, congrats on the new amp!
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prepare for a flamefest...people hate those here.
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Hmm... I'm not too sure.

I don't like the AVT series. Anything Marshall with transistors in it isn't great in my opinion.

But of course, whatever floats your boat. Did you try the amp out? If you did and liked it, then you don't need anyone's opinion here.

EDIT: And about the low end Marshall-hating... Is it 'cause the better ones are so good that they make the low end ones look like pure undilluted crap? Or in another way of saying it, has Marshall made such great amps in the past that people will expect the best from them and trash everything sub-par?
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ye, i played it. It sounded great to me, it was between the AVT and an MG and the AVT blew the MG out of the water.
No worries then. Congrats on the purchase, have a merry time with your new amp!
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"Ooh! Straight-jackets online! Christmas sorted."
avt beats mg, however my crappy fender champ beats avt. lovely breakup and pure cleans.