Where would I post a tab for a cover arrangement? (If I took a well known song that wasn't mine, and rearranged it so it had a different feel)
See, I started writing like three songs, but I'd get some sort of block everytime I'd try to write the vocal melody for each of them. So for a quick excercise, I took an existing ballad (so I didn't have to write a melody for it) and rearranged it for a more punkish feel.
It worked in getting me past my writer's block, and I've made progress in my other songs, but I quite like the result of the excercise itself. It's pretty basic, and doesn't really offer anything new, but I do like the sound and I wanna know what other people think.

Anway, the Tabs & Chords forum seems to only be for original songs, and the Covers forum seems to only be for cover recordings. Where do I go?
Or is posting things like these not allowed? In which case, I think I can understand why.
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yeah,just say i covered this song and it should be ok
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