I need you guys to reccomend me some Gibson Les Pauls to try out tomorow. I was thinking a Les Paul Standard with a 60's neck. I play metal, hard rock, classic rock, prog, and blues. What other Les Paul would you reccomend? 3000 USD and under.
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Definitely the standard. Also try a classic and any of the custom shop reissue models if you can. Good luck, let us know what you choose.
Seriously dude, our recommendations are useless. Go to the store and try out all the Les Pauls you can afford.
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3000 USD?? wow

erm, the custom, black beauty (those three pups are awesome)

maybe even the new menace model.
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Try out the studio, its rated the best among the reviews here on UG, Ive tried it and it is awesome.

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classic or standard will probably suit your tastes. there about the same really.
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The standard has burstbucker pros on it...
while the classic has gibson ceramics(500t, and 496r) on it though

dont know which ones are better... im letting you know
Try out the classic or the standard.

looking at your styles, I would say go for the classic as it has hotter pickups which will suit you well for your metal stuff.

when you got your Les Paul post some pics and some sound samples.
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Just go there and buy whichever feels the best. Our recommendations are our preferences, not yours.
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