So i got this Fender FM 65R, and my dad bought it to me because the guy at the shop said that it had a headphone input. But it didn't so now i can trade it for another one, and that's where my question is. Should I trade it for another one?
It's worth about 285 USD, and I'm willing to pay a bit more for a better one.
Yes. The cube and valvetronix series have headphone outs, get one of those.
lol mate i bought the priinceton 65 dsp and i had the same problem, it really pissed me off because the guy in the shop told me it had one. I would go for the vox to be quite honest, or even the marshall mg100dfx, but that it quite 'tinny' as all transistor mashalls seem to be. The vox has a valve preamp, so yeah go for that
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I am looking at the Vox AD50VT and the Marshall MG 50 DFX, which one would you prefer? I play most metal/nu metal/hardcore if that makes a difference.
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