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So recently i've gotten it into my head to get my hands on another guitar. So far the only guitar i own (aside from my ancient and old yahama pacifica) is an SRV signature strat that i've been using for a while now and truly enjoyed.

However, i believe it's time i employed a humbucker tone in my array of sound. And here's what i had in mind...

-I love the feel of SG's. I believe it's far superior to any other humbucker-oriented models so i am definitly looking for an SG body and neck.
-However, i would be getting some form of Epiphone SG and i LOATHE the pickups with any of their SG models. I was thinking of upgrading to Gibson Classic '57 Humbuckers.
-I also prefer a thicker gauge of string, probably not SRV strat thick, but as thick as is reasonable.

But, i have no experience whatsoever in fiddling around with anything but a strat, so i have a few questions for those experienced with SG's and humbuckers...

-Are there any major diffrences of any form between the cheaper Epiphone SG Special, and the pricier Epiphone G-400 SG? (Aside from the obvious cosmetic diffrence)

-Would Gibson Classic '57's be a good way to go? I play primarily blues, with a bit of a southern/texas orientation occasionally. It's just i played them in a "Lynyrd Skynyrd" LP recently and i just loved their sound, i don't know how they'd play in an SG. Any other pickups to consider would be cool.

-Is it a wise idea to upgrade the string gauge for the type of setup i'm proposing? If i did how would i adjust the bridge or truss rod at all to compensate for the thicker strings?(never owned an SG so i don't know how) I was thinking 11's or possibly 12's, and i use Ernie Ball Slinky's.

Please keep and mind this would be a secondary guitar next to my strat, i'd use it for whenever i wanted a humbucker tone. As such, i'd be doing this as cheaply as possible, with most (or all) of the components being bought off e-bay and adjustments being done myself. If i decide i love the humbucker tone i might put more into it, but that's irrelevant at this point.

I truly appreciate all help!

Thanks very much!

I own a g-400 and I love it. Pretty good quality and with my crate amp I can get awesome tones with it. Umm and about the string gauge thing, I've put 13's on mine and it didn't like break or anything. I don't think you have to adjust anything if its just a few gauges up/down.
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Just buy a standard SG, its my favorite guitar I have, its so thin and the aggresive sound is unbelieveable
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Thanks for the tip with the String Gauges.

But what about the pickups?! I really do not like the tone of the Alnico Humbuckers! Again, pickup suggestions are welcome.

Just buy a standard SG, its my favorite guitar I have, its so thin and the aggresive sound is unbelieveable

I completely agree that the Gibson SG's are nothing short of a joy to play. But again, i'm on a budget here and Gibson is over-priced in my mind, unless i can find a fantastic deal, in which case i'd happily buy one.
I've also noticed that Cherry Red SG's (the color i want) are pricier on e-bay and the like.


Edit: Also please keep in mind i'm just talking about the normal G-400. I hate the custom model with the ivory body and gold pickups.
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