There is something magic about the gibson name, don't you think? I mean, if you've been here awhile, you'll know that i ordered a gibson les paul classic, but decided to return it in the last minute due to it not being good enough versus my epiphone. Anyway, i was kind of reluctant to return it, and i know it was coz of the name. I told myself, "its a gibson, it must be great" if you know what i mean. I just kind of felt that saying a gibson wasn't good enough, even though i didn't actually say it, was somehow wrong.

Anyway, anyone else got it like that? Can you feel the magic of the gibson name, or have you been disillusioned?
the USA fenders in the 70's perfect example, after CBS , terrible quality materials but because it beared the name "Fender" people bought em, thus the birth of lawsuit japanese guitars
So why exactly did you return your gibson? i have tryed out a classic and find its one hell of a guitar.

i own a standard my self and love it to bits.
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Because i found the sound of my epiphone to be nearly as good. I don't buy 3,000 guitars when i have a 1,000 dollar guitar which is just as good.
yes the epiphone les paul custom is a good guitar, but i would of kept the gibson, you would of got different tones from the epiphone and from the gibson.

The Epiphone has a mix of mahogany and alder in the body so that would of made a difference to the tone, while the gibson has a all mahogany body giving that "gibson" tone.

did you try many settings on your amp? a lot of gain can lose the natural sound of the guitar and i think that's what you have done. saying that a Roland Cube 30 dosnt really help on the tone.
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how did you pay 1000 bucks for an epi les paul custom...

thats a 600 dollar guitar tops...and while were at it how'd you pay 3000 bucks for a les paul classic...thats a 2000 dollar guitar tops...
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