Practice alternate picking? Should i go as fast as i can like every practice session?..And also when i do try to go super fast i **** up the sound and sometimes hit different strings...like...are there any helpful tips that will make me quicker at alternate picking?
Just play scales n stuff slowly, they get a lot faster after time
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This is probably going to sound repetitive but practice on chromatic scales, in fact...any scales...or even relatively simple solos, but for gods sake use a metronome! If you don't have one, get on...or use an online one even. Timing is so important and just alternate picking as fast as possible with no timing or accuracy is not going to help you improve.

So, pick..2 or 3 scales to start with so you can have some kind of variety and stop yourself getting bored, and set the metronome to something relatively slow...60 bpm may seem a bit slow but when you first practice at that speed..it's depressing how bad your timing can be *I found that out...boo hoo :p*. Then just up the speed by..increments of 5 per day, until it's getting quite fast, then up it by increments of 2. You may find at higher bpm you may even need to increase it only by 1 per day.