Ok so I have been learning for a while now & can play a few bits and peices but I am just starting with chords & I am struggling with Bar Chords (think its just taking time) and Strumming.

I'm having some real problems geting my struming timing.

Are there any web pages or good web resources you can recommend to a noonbie as all I have ever used in this site.

Well the easiest way I can think of is to listen to the song you're trying to learn. Most of the time, you can tell whether it's a up or down strum.

And it couldn't hurt to practice a few chords just up and down strums to get a good feel of what each direction sounds like.
thanks guys Ill check them out, the problem with bar chords I think is just finger positionsing and practice, Im finding it difficult to get my hand in the right place wihout muting strings.

I'll keep practicing tho
Strum up and down without any fingers down for a chord. Then add the fingers for a chord, say an open E. Then bounce your fingers up and down while strumming up and down without stopping for the open E. Always keep the strumming going regardless of whether you have strings held down or not. That will give you a sense of rhythm. Then add other open chords while keeping the strumming going between the changes. When you add barre chords do the same thing. Might make the barre chords easier too.