I'm wondering if anyone could recommened some old reggae to me, the bands i've listened to so far are Big Youth, Toots and the Maytals and Tappa Zukie. So anyone know of any?
Desmond Dekker perhaps?

EDIT: R.I.P, he passed away a couple of days ago.
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bob marley?
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Bob Marley and the Wailors are my favorite.
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The Eithiopians, mon. Dey rock da rock steady beat.
Also try Jimmy Cliff
Lee "Scratch" Perry
Prince Buster
Dennis Brown
Laurel Aitken

All great reggae/ska artists.
If you have Toots and The Maytal's "Funky Kingston", then you have one of the finest reggae LPS ever made.
However, in addition to the ones mentioned...look for Dave and Ansel Collin's "Double Barrel" LP, Symarip's "Skinhead Moonstomp" LP and anything by Derrick Morgan.
Skinhead reggae is really top-notch.
Wow i actually got some replies. Naturally i have heard bob marley so didn't bother listing him/them, and my friend lent me some Lee "Scratch" Perry which wasn't bad, so i'll check the rest out. Thanks
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The Clash - Sandinista! ???

I already got that, and i wouldn't think of it as a reggae album. It's not bad though half of the album is good while the rest are utter crap
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Seriously. Buy the "Legend" album of BMATW, it is SO good

dont buy that album, it blows. if you are going to get some marley look into his older roots stuff. that Legend CD is all of his overproduced pop songs

Get the "The Harder They Come" Soundtrack for a goood mix of bands
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Get the "The Harder They Come" Soundtrack for a goood mix of bands

My parents own that on vinyl.

I was impressed.
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My parents own that on vinyl.

I was impressed.

same here
they sound old....The Aggrolites

Agreed, and great live too.

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k guys i play real metal like atreyu and stuff
There are so many old reggae artist Gregory Isaac is classic, John Holt, The Mighty Diamonds, Freddie McGregor, Barrison Levy, Cornell Campbell and more Reggae is an art and there are so many soulful Reggae artist beside Bob Malrey, although he's a a legend. There are So many songs I can tell you that are just as good. If you really want to know more, then happy to share.

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