Lead Boost Problem
Just need some help deciding on a pedal to boost my volume during solos. I know volume pedals are out there, but do they function the same way as a volume knob? Meaning that if you roll back the volume it reduces the drive/gain. I still want a full blown heavy rhythym sound.
I play through a 5150II.
any suggestions/solutins that work well for anyone will be appreciated
you can get a boost pedal....wchich boosts the volume, then hit it again to return to normal
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if it has an fx loop you can put an eq pedal or a booster pedal, like an MXR microamp, through there, set the level up, and bam instant boost at your foot. Putting such things in front of your amp will only increase or decrease your gain since its before the compression stage.
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I put an ashly-sc40 preamp paremetric EQ in my FX loop and it gives a NASTY loud boost, also with a paramntric EQ (or any eq) you can tailor your lead sound to be smoother or slightly different more midrangy maybe...
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how about using a volume pedal in the FX loop? would the amp retain proper tone even if volume is reduced with pedal.
Theres two things I can think of:

1 - If your 5150 came with a footswitch which has 2 OD/Distortion channels, use the first one for main rhythmn stuff and switch to the second one when going into a solo.

2 - Get an EMG Afterburner which is just a switch which gives you a gain and volume boost. This would need to be installed into your guitar though...
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Just get an overdrive pedal, or an EQ if you want the option of changing your sound when you're boosting too.
For an overdrive, maybe a BOSS SD-1 or something just for a boost.
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I use a Boss GE-7 EQ in the FX loop of my Engl for solo boosts, works great, you can give yourself more than enough volume boost and change the tone however you want, I'd give the overdrive pedal a go, although im my experience, if you add it to a tone thats already pretty distorted, it can't add any volume or tone to it
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how would an eq pedal work going straight into the front....

obviously my amp has no effects loop...but i'd like to get an mxr 10 band eq pedal. would it still boost and shape my sound well plugging into the front?
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does the 5150II have a volume control for the effects loop, cause you could just plug a cable from the fx send to the fx return, set the volume of the fx loop high, and itd boost your volume.
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no there is no FX loop volume control.
I dunno about a EQ pedal, wouldn't a volume pedal work better?