As stated by Camikazie before he was banned:

I know I'm not the only one that thinks this, so here goes.....
It's absolute bull**** that some of the most helpful members of UG are banned due to the Tavern. I am a member of the Tavern (2nd member after AlGee actually, to be precise) and it's UG's own fault that the people have been banned because of events at the Tavern. We disagree about things such as the User Elimination thread, on the Tavern mind you, and you ban us here. It is absolute bull****. It's another forum, a diffrent website, so stop trying to censor us. It's fair enough if these things occur on UG, but banning people due to them talking on other forums is out of order. I post this here in memory of all the fallen members. AlGee, tubadude, earsh0t etc.

P.S Cas01, I love YOU!!

Members of UG have been banned that contributed countless times. That have given so much positve help to this site, then they say something about it on ANOTHER forum, and they get banned. ****in bull****. Anyone who wants info on where most of the knowledgable and helpful memebrs of UG have gone. Find the Tavern, hell heres the ****in link.
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MikeLikes2Rock, I tried your idea, Genius!

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seems as UG doesnt want links to other forums but hey... this is the only forum i go to anyway... dont like it then go to the ones you advertise... i can speak for myself when i dont want to read your bitching... im pretty sure that you yourself are gonna get banned from the additude towards the mod there

if you say... then dont read it... i will slap you... change your topic and than you can say that to me
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Sorry, but *Reported*
I'm upset that i missed the tavern business so this is my part in it.
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