Yeah, inspired by what I experienced while living in a rough northern Canadian town.
Think Johnny Cash mixed with Danzig. Let me know what you think, and where it can be improved.


He's walked a long and dirty road
the things he's seen he doesnt care to tell
With what he's done he'll never have salvation
the face of a man who's seen his way to hell

Open are the eyes of the new born child
innocent to the word that lies in wait
Weight of the world forced upon her shoulders
she grows cold and quickly learns to hate

Thrown away like yesterdays bad news
he lives a life of bitter misery
No hope that he'll ever be more than nothing
his heavy chains can never set him free

She recalls her life before the dark days
lucky to remember anything at all
Hopelessly a slave to the needle
she knows she can never tear down this wall

I'm no better than the rest of them
I've done my share of evil in my time
As I slip into the cracks of oblivion
I know it's no ones fault but mine

No I dont need your forgiveness
I'm content with the demon I've become
There will be no salvation for this lost soul
cause the past is gone and what is done is done
Sounds like Johnny Cash himself.... Thats a compliment! I'd listen to it.