is it rue that the headstock on the john5 sig tele is specially made for behind the nut bending? cause i want the guitar but hate the headstock. could i just order a blaco tele neck and but it on htere and have the same thing? cause he has one that looks like how i want it.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=uQRaTn4rWwc&search=john%205 and is there a tab

for the first song hes plays?

will the guitar be heavy cause of the chrome?
I'd imagine it to be pretty hard to tab that song out.

I dunno if the guitar is made especially for that, but I too would like to know if that can be done on any ole guitar without string snapping.
i have no idea what your trying to say but no the chrome will not make the guitar heavey although telecasters in general are heavier than your standard strat but not as heavey as a les paul. also you can bend behind the nut on any guitar, you dont need a special neck for it.
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well i know u can bend behind the nut on any guitar but is the neck on the tele shaved down to make it easier or sumthin cause almost swear i read it someware
found it
from the fender site:
The Fender Custom Shop?s J5:HB Telecaster guitar, co-designed by shred-meister John 5 himself, is a modern-day classic. Its unusual three-on-a-side headstock tops a shaved maple neck (for behind-the-nut bends) with a rosewood fingerboard bolted onto a double-bound premium ash body.
was what? john5? he was marlyn manson and rob zombie. o the video? that was like a mix of country and maybe metal but fer the most part it was country
his is custom made but you could bend behind the nut with any guitar... he played with marylin manson and rob zombie but in a magazine i have it sais he's a studio guitarist and can play country, neo-classical, metal, rock, and blues i think really well
so ur saying that is i got his sig guitar and put a black tele neck on it it would be the same?
I love Telecasters. But frankly i hate the headstock on the John 5 sig. I think it looks like a .....well you can just use your imagination. I like the big block telecaster though
I wonder how hard it would be to get Fender to sell just the necks so you could bolt one on your Tele? If you wanted one that is.
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Yes a regular Tele neck will work. Make sure you get a 22 fret american neck though. The neck is shaved behind the nut to make it EASIER to do behind the nut bends. You can make the B-T-N-B's fine without that neck. The chrome pickguard is heavier than normal. It is about 5-6 times heavier than a normal 3 ply pickguard.