Here's the deal: there's an old SG for sale near me and I want it!

But I have no idea how much I should pay for it.


The link is in french but you can still look at the guitar (which looks like it's in rather good condition).

It's 100% original except for one potentiometer which is broken and was replaced, but the owner still has the original one and it can be repaired.

The seller asks 1800 (canadian) for it. Is this a good deal?

Anyway, thanks for all your answers!

PS: I may be able to have a look at it this week-end, so I'll update this!
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Gibsons in the 70s are notorious for being nothing like what "The Gibson Sound" should be. Go for lower or stay the hell away. BTW, those bigsbys are horrible.
how much is 1800 canadian worth in american money? but still that guitars a beaut
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Check out for repairs, SGs are notorious for being weak at the headstock and body joint.
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Yes, and 70s Gibsons were of lower quality build than you'd find in the 60s. Notice how all 70s Les Paul customs on ebay go for $1500-$2000 and anything from the sixties is automatically $3500+. And as stated SGs are notorious for headstock breaks, and deep cracks around the neck joint. Not to mention binding and fret problems.
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hell yea thats a good deal... that guitar is worth at least ten thousand

uhhh... no
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Sorry for double post, but the seller just sent me a picture of the back of the headstock.

Any chance you can play it before(if) buying?
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might just be the picture, but it looks like theres a crack goin down the headstock (right side of that last picture)
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ask for pictures of possible weak points like the point were the head is connected to the neck. It doens'nt show in the picture above, but if you can check if it's been repaired before, and that would lower the value a great deal
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You can do better for the money.
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Well the seller just e-mailed me back, and the line we see on the headstock is definatly a crack. He says it happened about 5 years after he bought the guitar and that it was repaired by a luthier at the time, but he never repainted it. He also says that the other side will probably do the same thing in a few years and that this is why I can negociate the price.
if you want an sg then go get a new one
you can probably afford a 61' reissue those are bitchin'
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I don't know, thats a lot of cash and the guitar does seem to not be in the greatest condition =\
just get a regular sg, gibsons from the 70's werent the greatest, it has a crack in the headstock and for an sg its overpriced. get a 61' reissue or a standard, hell get the supreme, you have the money. in my opinion the one you want isnt not worth it
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