okay so this is what happened. i've been trying to get the very last solo in "jump in the fire" by metallica down, so that i can play it perfectly every time, but i keep screwing up at the beginning, ie. missing a few notes. so i think i've practiced the solo atleast 75 times today. so i decided to take a break and when i came back to try it again, my fingers were "burned out" or lagging behind.

so is there any way to stop this besides not playing it that much?


p.s. i didn't play it 75 times straight. i'd usually go for about 3 times in a row before i got frustrated, and then i'd work on getting crazy train done, and then i'd come back to work on the solo.
Learning an entire solo and having it down perfectly in one day isn't common, you'll probably be flawless at it in a couple of days - at least thats the way it is for me.
well, take it down to a slower tempo, and slowly speed yourself up. Make sure that you only go faster when you have it nailed at that tempo.
usually i do start at a lower tempo, but i didnt have to for this one, cause i could play the rest of it as fast as it is. but for like the solo in the trooper or crazy train i didnt have to. although for the fills in crazy train i had to.

How long do you play guitar?

The longer you play and the more experience you have, the faster it will go with each on going solo. But if you play to mutch, you will get those simpthons. Try stepping back for a while, doing something else for an houre or so, and then get back at playing some different stuff.

Im pretty experienced, and when i play something thats hard or just weird (weird rythems etc.) to mutch and it doesnt go that well, i tend to get bored and frustrated. I figured out that the only thing that works (for me) is letting it rest for a while
I know what your talking about. Its like you get to a point if you stop playing your hand wont want to play anymore that day (or next day for that matter) it happens to me if i play for like 5-6 hours straight. You just have to put up with it.
i usually play anywhere from 4-10 hours a day....if my hand goes out it lasts for like an hour or two. im good now. i think when i burned out it was like 6 p.m. but by about 7:30 i was ready to go again