hey i just bought a marshal jmc 2000 and it works fine with standby on but when i turn stnadby off it stops working this is my first tube amp so im probably doing something dumbbut can anyone help???
standby is supposed to be on...
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There should be two switches.

You turn 'Off' to 'Standby', and when that's done warming up, you turn the other switch on.

That's how mine works, the JCM2000 might be labled differently. Either way, both switches should be on when playing.
standby off = amp is in standby

standby on = amp is playable
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Yea, for marshall's the standby should be ON.....(in the same position as the power switch when its lit up)
oh i get it so standby is never turned off when you play? so what is it for exactly then?
^The tubes have heaters, they're the parts that turn on and glow. Basically, it's bad to turn the heaters on and off all the time(with the power switch) so there's a switch to turn off the audio part of the amp, while leaving the heaters on so they won't be as stressed from being turned on and off. Basically if you're gonna leave your amp for like 10 minutes, flip the standby switch, that way your tubes will last longer.
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Quote by jrthegreat91
oh i get it so standby is never turned off when you play? so what is it for exactly then?

your misunderstanding what the labels mean

the switch says standby...when the switch is up its ON standby...when its flipped down to the on position...that means the amp is ON...not standby is on.
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Shouldn't it say something about it in the manual?

And I'm also not too sure how to properly turn the amp on.

Do you first flip the power switch, wait a few mins, then the standby, or does the standby go first?
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Ok, Turn the power on. Wait between 1-3 minutes (I hear 3 minutes is best, but...)

Then flick the standby up, this will fully activate the amp, which will already be nice, creamy, and warm.
I got confused at first with mine even with the manual.

Let the amp warm up by flicking the Power button to the on position so it lights up.

Then after a couple of mins if u want to start playing, Flick the Standy switch to the ON position.

Both Switches should be at the ON postition to play. Then if u wanna stop, do reverse order.

eg. To play the amp.

Power ON, wait 2 mins at least, Standby ON, play play play play, Standby off, Power Off.

The last 2 parts of that can happen within like 2 secs u dont need to wait.