Today there was a big guitar center sale
They had FOUR of my dream guitars, American Stratocaster, chrome blue (droool) for $800.. down from $950..

My question is, could I probably go in there any day of the year and haggle them down to that price?

Damn I wish I had a job..stupid college
You could probably bring it down if you had a very nice employ/very good strategy, but the memorial day sales are usually very good
you could, but you'd need to make a good arguement.

But there's always 3 sales a week at GC anyways.
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You can haggle them, but not by $150.

Wow, I wish I had a Guitar Center near me, that's a big sale.
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Lol guess I have to save up/wait a year huh?

Probably gonna buy a new amp before that so make that two years

when else do they have sales?
It's doesn't bother me at all that we couldn't go today. My dad has spent over 5k there so we get awesome deals to start off with, not to mention the fact that my mom ALWAYS gets 2-3 hundred dollars extra off of everything we purchase.
Wait for the labor day one.
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It's real easy to get stuff from Guitar Center for a lower price than what they have listed. First you have to find a decent salesman. Not one of the guys who hangs around the accesories. Bring your daddy or mommy with you, unless you're over 18 that is what it takes for them to take you extremely seriously. You've got to find one who is inspecting a decent instrument and ask him what he thinks about buying such and such. Such and such should be something that obviously implies that you know your facts. Just be all cool and be like "So I was looking at that used JCM 800, but I'm not sure if it will get me the right sound I'm looking for." Something that shows you aren't an idiot. Anyways then just keep asking for the same guy everytime you come. And everytime you buy something get him to help because he gets commision. Then when you want to get something higher priced like a new Fender american deluxe strat, just be like what deal can you get me on this? And then if he says he can sell it for X amount less start getting him to throw in stuff. Cables, stands, chairs (I've actually gotten them to throw in one of those comfy benches when I bought an amp from them), whatever.

There is nearly always a sale. Ask your salesman when the next sale is. He'll probably tell you. They usually have great deals like 6-15 month financing with no interest. These are pretty good deals. If you have the cash now, some times you can tell them to sell it to you for a certain amount less without the financing.

I went there today for the memorial day sale. They did have some nice deals such as several hundred dollars off "this day only" on many high price instruments. Though all the Gibson Les Pauls on the floor that were marked down large amounts, one almost 500 dollars, were usually the lamer ones they had stocked. The ones on the wall are better. Most of the guys who work there, especially the older ones, know what a good guitar is. By sound. Not just price. Don't be afraid to ask for them to get you one, I'm not sure if they're even allowed to say no. Usually on these one day sales they try to clear out instruments and amps that have been hanging around in the shop for a while and because of it have some wear and tear. The only thing they had for sale that I thought about buying but quickly changed my mind was a PRS single-cut away. It sounded pretty good, but it was 1,700$, but I hated the way the neck felt.

So anyways the moral of this post is that you can haggle almost every price at guitar center and if you always go to the same saleman, then he will be more willing to take off money. They do get commision, so if you buy 3 guitars from the same guy for a hundred dollars less then he will win in comparison to selling you one guitar full price.
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