Yeah, it was normal at first, but while im playing it just moves down. Its like this --- and after a few seconds of playing its liek this | and it annoys me cause when i go to reach for it while playing i always miss it. So if anyone knows how to make it tighter or something, let me know. (I have an ibanez RG 120 if you wanted ot know). Thanks
are there screw holes on the sides of where it goes in? My guitar didnt come with my screws for it, so I had to have them send them to me (Godin). Maybe if you need screws, they fell out.
The trem bar on that guitar just slides in thats it, its suppose do do "that" as you so eloquently described.
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Keep it in your hand while you play.
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Ok, I thought it was supposed to stay where you put it, cause when i first bought it it stayed, but i guess from taking it off made it loose. Well thanks.