I know it seems a bit silly asking, because obviously his tone would have been coming from tons of equipment.

but does anyone know how dimebag got his tone?

i always assumed it was something to do with the gain boost he has on his custom dean... but there must be more to it than that...

also does anyone know any pedals that immitate/get such a brutal distortion as dimebag does.

i saw theres a dimebag distortion pedal, havent tried it though. i had bought a metal zone a coupla months ago as i was told it gives off a good distortion... pile of crap to be honest but there ya go lol.

um well he used krank amps with damageplan and they just released a distortion pedal, could b worth a look
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one thing to remember is that is rig was solid state. kind of crazy, but that's the way it is. idk, but it might be harder to achieve his tone if you have a tube rig (I'm not saying you can't, or that you will be able to with the average SS either)
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Zakk Wylde.
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You need to keep in mind that rather than distortion pedals, DIME boosted the FUC.K out of his eq's to get his signature chainsaw tones out of individual frequencies. Not to mention how sensitive his pickups were, but i'm not too sure what they were over the years, but theres them dime buckers n stuff.
This thing miught be cool, but i'm yet to see it anywhere i can try it... me living in australia... http://www.jimdunlop.com/index.php?page=products/pip&id=258&pmh=products/p_and_e_detail
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