Yeh, was kinda dissapointed to see Green Day threads but no Three Days Grace.(Not that there's anything wrong with Green Day...)
They suck. Just my opinion.
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.
Jesus, can't believe so many of you hate 3DG, but then again, in a society where people hate linkin park....
But seriously, they are far underrated.So if u do hate them, go listen to your gay Fall out Boy cd, put on your gay fall out boy sideburns, and screw yourself.
Not everyone who doesn't like your music is a lower life form... but maybe once you find some good bands you'll understand.
Animal I Have Become and Home are the only songs I would want to hear a second time.
It's not the fear of what's beyond
It's just that I might not respond
My least favorite band (I find their music absolutely repulsive), but to each their own.
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my favorite band, look at my user title and avatar. i like everything of theirs so far, not just the singles either. i cant wait for one-x. yes i agree with someone, they are underrated.
I don't really like 'em. Every song I've heard by them is WAY too repetitive. I mean, in Just Like You, The singer says "Just Like You!!" alot.
i really like them, cant wait til i get my hands on the new album. sure they arent wat you would call technical but their songs sure are catchy and adams vocals are great.
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