I went to Guitar Center today and bought a Fender acoustic/electric guitar. The model ID thing is CD220. Beside the ID are the words "ALL DAO". From what I gathered on the Internet, "dao" is the type of wood, but beyond that I can't find anything on the Internet about this guitar. It's not vintage or anything so there should be some kind of info about it (i guess). Long story short, I paid $449 for the guitar and I want to know if I got ripped off. Does anyone have or know of a Fender acoustic/electric made entirely of dao wood?
"But first...are you...experienced?"
See, that guitar is the only one I get whenever I search for mine. That guitar's top is spruce. My guitar's is dao. My entire guitar is the same color as the sides of that one. Also, the bridge is different.
"But first...are you...experienced?"
I bought the same guitar, my first acoustic, I went through the same thing as you, I searched around and the only one i could find has a solid spruce top and goes for 550$
I paid 499$ for mine at guitar center, it has a different bridge and pick guard than the spruce one, if you look on the Fender site there is an artist series acoustic bass that looks identical, the specs call the top laminated spruce with Dao top veneer, I'm a little pissed because the guys at guitar center took advantage of my lack of knowledge and told me it was solid Koa wood from hawaii and it would it grow in beauty of sound with age and all that crap, I have learned that it's just a cheaper, although prettier, version of the cd220 dao, it's been five weeks so i can't take it back i don't think unless I really fight, and it's still a nice guitar although as I am now learning the wrong guitar for me as it is for performing and I'm still somewhat novice, Caveat Emptor.
Just a follow up note, the only real difference in quality on this guitar is the top, sold tops are more resonant than laminated ones, had I been more aware I would have spent 50 more dollars on the solid spruce one, most guitars in this price range have laminated sides and backs which doesn't make a very substantial difference in sound quality, it is the sound board that makes almost all the difference. I have gone back and played some cheaper Yamahas with solid spruce tops and no electronics and the sound quality is amazingly higher, I will say this is still a nice guitar, it's just angled more at plugging in and big hard strumming. Let me know if you learn any more.