I did a little research and I'm thinking a TS-9 would work well...but what do I know? Right now I'm playing an ESP 400 on the Hot Rod, and I'm looking at investing in a Vox V-847 as well. So help me out guys, give me your opinions.
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Go out to a shop and try out a few pedals, buy which one sounds best.

I've got a Blues Jr, and I use 2 overdrives, a Blues Driver and a Boss OD3, both great at what they do.
Look at some other Tubescreamers aswell.
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Something that won't break the bank?

Digitech Bad Monkey. Better than an SD-1, and up there with the TS series
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive

awesome pedal
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don't you like the distortion on the hot rod? i think the distortions are nice for a lot of genres
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