I went to Guitar Center today, and saw a nice looking 5 string. I have a Spector Performer 4, but wanted a 5 since the strings would be closer together, and something with lower action. I was talking with my dad about a Stiletto 5 string while we were waiting to get in, and sure enough, there was one in there. I unintentionally mis-informed the salesman about the price, and walked out with a Schecter Studio 5 for $491.88 ($530 even after tax). I played it at GC, and was impressed with how it slapped, and also how punchy and versitile it was. I haven't played it at home, but was wondering about the active junk.
Anyone know how long the battery lasts, and if you leave the bass plugged in, if it drains the battery?
Also, the guy didn't know what each EQ or other knobs did (besides volume) and it came with no documentation. So anyone know what each is?
And last, I dont see the Studio 5 at musicians friend, so do they not make it any more?
EDIT: Nevermind....I just found it on musiciansfriend.
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i have an ibanez 6 string with active pickups, and i was worrying about the same thing.

i play it everyday and i have had it for 6 months and the batteries havent died yet.
it will drain the battery if its plugged in though, at least on mine
I would have to say if you still are in question regarding the EQ knobs, they should be 3 knobs that are low, mid, and high gain for your bass. It just merely adjusts your bass' sound frequencies. I recently bought a 6 string Schecter Bass at Guitar Center for, after the trade in of my old Fender Jazz Bass, and with strings, $275.
the guy at the centre didnt know what the bass controls did...:s

it would be volume,blend,bass and treble

i was going for the same 5 string on my first 5 string purchase,at the end i was stuck between a tobias toby pro and the spector,the tobias felt better,the spector had a great feel to it when slapping,but the tobias sounded better when doing so

in the end it was the choice in woods(both tonal properties and looks) that won me over,nothing beats a multi laminate nec through hehe

but it is a great bassmgreat buy man.
One big: Volume
One big: Blend
One Small:Bass
One Small:Treble
One Small: (mid???)

It has a 3 band EQ, not 2
College. ... ? . !!
There's no need to talk when we have medicine.
look it up on there site then,

i've heard of bass,mid treble.

bass,mid,and mid frequancy selector(though normally concietric(sp) or stacked pots

blah,u'll find out on there site anyway