Come to Life

Come on. Come on.
Wake up. Wake up.
When I first came here
You couldn?t even recognize me
Too blind to see what?s in front of you
Something about this just isn?t right

Changed so much grown so fast
But when it?s all said and done
It?s really only the beginning
Of the journey
That has come to life

New experiences occur everyday
You can?t hide away from all this pain
Embrace it and move forward
Today your conception comes to life/alive

Come On. Come On.
Speak up. Speak up.
The silence eats us alive
Deafening words of desperation
Torn between what road to take
You don?t remember me at all

You can?t see how I have come to be
Gone through so many challenges
But I know this life will hold many more
For all of us

Waiting for you
To accept what I can give to you
Waiting for you
To see why I?m still here
Waiting for you
I?m still right here
I think... I think these lyrics are quite bad without musib to back it up. But, with music, I imagine a whining guy with mascara overloaded on his eyes. This doesn't work for me. (Randy Jackson)

Rambling on about pain and challenges, troubled people is just so repetitive.