Does anyone here like TCTC? They've been one of my favourite bands for a while now, but I dont so much like their new Didz-absent stuff. See This Through And Leave is one of the best and most emotionally charged albums since OK Computer in my opinion.
For anyone who wants to get into them, listen to 'Who Needs Enemies?', 'The Lake', and 'Panzer Attack'.
First album had its sh*t moments, but overall was damn good, second album was just terrible. Don't know whether I'll bother picking up a third.
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I saw them live once at this thing called the Hybird Music Festival (which I went to because Mogwai performed, oh yes!) (and The Sleeping Kings Of Iona are pretty sweet too, which I had seen prior) and they were alright. If my memory serves, this guy used a bow on his guitar and I thought the singer sounded like Liam Gallagher... but everyone British male sounds like him to me. So, hmm, there's not much point to this post. I think I liked a song called Amber? Does that song exist?
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