what exactly is a slide I thought john used one in the scar tissue solo but what exactly is the point to them and where could i buy 1
buy one at any guitar store...they're not expensive and they actually sound pretty cool
It's a metal/crystal tube you put on your finger and use it precisely to do slides with mor than one string, i.e, sliding chords, for playing country music mainly, but it's also used with rock music. Check U2's "Kite"
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Guys, guys, there are METAL, PLASTIC, COPPER, and GLASS slides. They each produce different types of sounds (Not to MENTION some are used on Electric and some on Acoustic)
or possibly a rail or tube of some sort
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The first song that comes to mind when you say "slide guitar" is "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd (and I know it's not really "true" slide because it's played in standard tuning, but the intro is damned good ).
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