Ok, if you have tow guitars, what would you do with the one you don't play as much? I have this new Les Paul and I still got my old Yamaha, which I love, but I want each guitar to do something different. As far as sound goes, they are both pretty versitile, they both has my beloved killswitch, and they both play awesome. I don't really use a;tered/dropped tunings too much, so what should I do wih my old guitar to keep it different from my new one?
Well, tear open every screw you see and pour my famous "Steak Sauce" over it. Seal and heat for 5 minutes. GUARANTEED new sound.

*Note: quality of sound not guaranteed. Tip was taken from Martha Stewart cookbook...
They're already completely different already! What more could you want? Experiment with drop tunings and use the Les Paul or the Yamaha
You could give your old guitar a new paint job.
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You can just play both at shows if you have a gigging band. That would drop down on tuning time. I'm sure they both can get sounds that the other one can't no matter how "versital" the both are.
^2x Dude, I could not mod my Yamaha anymore than it is. Maybe I should just keep it in Eb standard for the occasional Guns n' Roses or Stevie Ray Vaughn, though I really would like to play Guns n' Roses on my Les Paul.
Then drop-tune your Paul, it's really that simple. I don't mind tuning in and out, hence why I'm infamous for my tuning by ear drop D. Which sound pretty damn good if you ask me.
^But I want to use it as my main ax. I dunno, I guess I really should not be stressed about this as much as getting it paid off. Only $130 more to go!
Yeah, I agree with most of the people in that thread of yours. Pretty bad of your dad to hold a guitar from you, I understand that he bought it, but you can't be expected as a teenager, possibly not working a whole lot, to be able to pay off an expense like that.
^I already have more than half of it paid off, dude, I only have $135 left. Trust me, I can make money if I want to. Besides, there are pleanty of teenagers on here that have $600+ guitars, this was only $500. I'm just glad he isn't putting on intrest.

EDIT: Is it possible to put a thru-body tremolo in a Les Paul? I wasn't planing on doing, just wondering cause I know you can't do it on an SG.
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