why are you on ultimate guitar.com?

music is like candy

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I swear, some people are so close-minded.

And yeah, there are some, but most of them cost money. Try googling something about a free drum machine or drum machine software or something.

And lemme know if you find anything good. =D
Reason 3.0 is the best sequencer out there.

Many production softwares are great for this kind of thing as well, like Cubase and ProTools. However, you pay a lot more for those because they handle incoming audio as well. Reason is all MIDI, and you pay only for that...
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man dawg you got to chek out dat reason 3.0 bra

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Reason 3.0 is the best sequencer out there.

I think you'll find Logic Pro 7 is the best sequencer out there actually. It makes Reason look like a "My First Sequencer...". if you just want to create some beats, something like
Fruity Loops would probably do you fine. You are limited though. I would consider an MPC though, as it sounds like you only want to make beats and play all the other instruments yourself. If you explain your need a bit more i can help a bit more..
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I'm not sure if you can make rap beats with it or not, but try Fruity Loops.

Yes, Fruity Loops can be used to create rap beats.

download BEATCRAFT. google search acoustica and download the free trial. you can choose the kits you want to use, such as a hip hop kit or a rock kit or whatever.
if you're gangsta-hardcore producer (meh...maybe just have some money to buy the stuff and the ability to keep time haha), using a MIDI controller and a program like Reason or anything else that supports MIDI controllers, you can make some awesome beats with a near infinite variety. with the controller, you can also create those fancy string tracks, swells, and hits that some producers add.
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